Water Logo reveal is an exclusive new way of presenting your identity for those who ever wanted to achieve realistic water effect. This template is made using only Cinema 4D native tools, and with the help of After Effects it became even more fresh and colorful.

This template is created to be fully customizable and easy to use even for beginners. Video tutorial goes step by step trough all parts of the workflow. It fits to any logo, whether it is square or rectangular format, regardless to customizability of camera movements (select and drag camera with its path to any other position of X Y Z)

Project Features

  • Cinema 4D R13 (“Studio” version) and above + After Effects CS4 and above (both programs required)
  • No plug-ins required
  • Resizable resolution (comes in Full HD by default)
  • Video tutorial with voice over separated in 3 parts :
    1. Preparing your Logo (0:51)
    2. Cinema 4D – Customization and Rendering (14:42)
    3. After Effects – Importing Rendered Files, Color Correction, Final Rendering (7:12)
  • Cinema 4D controls : screenshot
  • After Effects controls:
    1. Background colors
    2. Vignetting
    3. Shadow color
    4. Glow
    5. Color Correction
  • Perfectly optimized render settings for Cinema 4D (used some tricks to avoid GI and AO, that are very time consuming to calculate)
  • Amazing audio by “Baszz” – Minimal Ambient Logo

Rendering info

  • Windows 7 x64
  • Intel 4930K @3.6, 16Gb Ram
  • 1920×1080 Output size, 30 fps (Lower resolution = Lower render time)
  • Cinema 4D :
    1. Envato logo – 5 hours
    2. GraphicRiver logo – 4 hours
    3. EDGE logo – 2 hours
  • After Effects – 1 hour (CC versions are faster)

Lovely OpenEXR format was used to render multi-pass images from Cinema 4D with channels like: Specular, Reflection, Shadow, Ambient Occlusion (for solid objects only), Diffuse, RGB, Depth, all sorted in one file! Each channel is then color corrected and improved in After Effects.


If you have any more questions feel free to contact me!

Original quality (click to enlarge)

Water Logo Reveal - 1

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