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۴ تیر ۱۳۹۸
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Virtual Studio 116 - 1 This virtual studio contains 3 areas,Sports Events, Science Discovery and Military Intelligence. A clear concise and reasonable organizational structure at a glance.Rich presets of the camera to meet your needs. PSD format-layered texture maps, adding or subtracting elements freely.The model has been optimized and more details are from maps.Edit PSD-formatted maps in Photoshop—textures,texts and logos,which can be replaced to give you a unique virtual studio. Virtual Studio 116 - 2


  • Photoshop PSD-format maps file, easy to customize.
  • Photoshop ۲K maps with UV, Diffuse,Glossiness and Illumination maps.
  • Element 3D The optimized 3D model improves the rendering speed effectively.
  • After Effects Rich camera motion presets, 96 cameras are ready.
  • After Effects ۳ program styles X 3 broadcast modes X 3 shoot angles X 3 lens type.
  • Announcer footages Finish recording at one time without changing camera position.
  • LCD footages Information prompts with resolution and safe.

Virtual Studio 116 - 3 Virtual Studio 116 - 4

The camera preset

  • Camera preset contains extreme wide shot, wide shot and Medium shot etc.many view types of motion camera.
  • To adjust the time length of the camera animation only needs dragging the inPoint and outPoint of the layer.

Virtual Studio 116 - 5 Virtual Studio 116 - 6 Virtual Studio 116 - 7 Virtual Studio 116 - 8

Easy to edit

۱.Choose a type of program fit for you. (Science / Sports / Military)

۲.Choose a preset of camera. (A / B / C)

۳.Replace your announcer’s green/blue background footages.

۴.Replace your large-screen footages.

۵.Adjust the length of shooting time for each camera and connect alternately.

۶.Rendering output.

Virtual Studio 116 - 9

What does the tutorial contain?

۱.Prepare your announcer footages.

۲.Prepare your LCD footages.

۳.Replace your announcer footages.

۴.Replace your LCD footages.

۵.Edit the text content of the scroll screen.

۶.Edit psd-format maps in Photoshop.

۷.Edit the presets of camera in After Effects.

۸.Fast rendering settings in After Effects.

LCD opening motion and Scroll screen

The opening motion and scroll screen from the preview are included. Virtual Studio 116 - 10

Virtual Studio 116 - 11

Virtual Studio 116 - 12

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  • ممکن است ایمیل ارسالی به پوشه اسپم یا Bulk ایمیل شما ارسال شده باشد.
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