Videohive Freeze Frame intro ToolKit 24469101

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Videohive Freeze Frame intro ToolKit 24469101

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Brush Selection Method

The easiest way to make wonderful scene. when you click on freeze button, our extension give you the brush for select your character. you never seen like this anywhere!

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Extension ToolKit

You can Install this add ons on your After effects. We are coming to videohive with our first project. we come to give you the best project. our new idea Brush Method with very easy to use . just test it for one time to know what I say. never you find any project like this to easy works and make the great scene just in 3 clicks. ( Read our Buyers Review )

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Make Your Own Design

Also you can make your design and save it to our extension folder. it becomes into the extension toolkit and exactly works like our presets. Fantastic!

Freeze Frame intro ToolKit - 12

Hair Selection Tool

The other projects works with the mask tool. it is very hard to make mask with the pen tool. also you can not select the small details like hairs. But with our extension you can select all small details like haires with new method. we found new idea and use it for you. in this time you can select your character with the smart brush!

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Our Users Comment

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Free License

With this project you can use it on unlimited end products. it is the tools license.enjoy it today and use it forever.

Freeze Frame ToolKit

it is the only one extension for Adobe After effects can make freeze frame for you just by brushing your footage in 10 Sec.!

The Categories Used are:

We used ۱۲ great designs in Version 2.0(۴ Categories), and we will update it very soon. Please support Us by purchase our item and we give you full updates with new designs.


  • Fire
  • Paint
  • Parallax
  • Particles


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  • Minimal 01
  • Minimal 02
  • Minimal 03
  • Minimal 04


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  • Also you can make your Design and it comes to the extension. ( the tutorial is used in the package). We are always available For support, just send email to us.

How it Works

After installing the extension it comes into your aftereffects software, just need to click on freeze button and do brushing on your footage, it can be select the small details like hairs too. and then click on the finish button, everything made automatically.

Videos And Photos Used in the Video Preview: ۱۲۳۴۵music


We made this project with handy toolkit. with this project you can make your scene in 10 seconds even you are a amature of after effects. just 1 minute video tutorial to know how it works! But we used 3 Video tutorials with step by step show you. Also you can watch this Youtube Tutorial

Updates History

۹-۱۶-۲۰۱۹ – Version 2

Added 2 new designs
Header Preview on toolkit updated for play video demo of designs

۹-۴-۲۰۱۹ – Version 1

Version 1 Release

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