Videohive Drones Technology 21838090

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۱۵ آبان ۱۳۹۸
120,000 تومان
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Videohive Drones Technology 21838090

“Drones Technology Advert” is an After Effects uplifting project!
Drones and modern quadcopters are taking off and fly over a city in an array show performance (drones swarm system) like a network forming a text / Logo or symbol on the sky!
A conceptual & trendy idea that can lift your tech product or service advertisement! Specially suitable for commercial technology companies or tv-shows / promo opener, hi-tech & gadget stores Intro, or aerial videographers & photographers!
A logo or a poster can fit in the display screen at start!
Drones Technology - 1

  • You can add your city’s aerial photo or choose one of the 7 included images
  • Add a photo / poster / video or logo in the tv screen at start, or leave blank
  • “Drone particles” can be text, shape or Logo.
    (If your Logo has semi-transparent areas it will automatically be represented at full opacity)
  • Choice on revealing the “original” logo at the end
  • ۴k UltraHD & FullHD resolutions ready to render!
  • Sound effects are included. Epical Music is not included. Track: Inspiring Cinematic Trailer
  • Trapcode Form plugin is absolutely needed. (Do not purchase this file if you don’t have the plug-in, because the last two scenes will not work)

Info: The file includes project versions compatible with version 2 and 3 of the form plugin.

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