Videohive 100 Animated 3D Icons Pack 24240318

تاریخ انتشار
28 سپتامبر 2019
دسته بندی
80,000 تومان
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Videohive 100 Animated 3D Icons Pack 24240318

100 3D Icons Pack - 1 100 3D Icons Pack - 2


The project selected 100 of the most popular icon themes and designed them in clean, trendy 3D graphics. Each of the icons is animated with characteristic movements, which are all different. Anyone from beginners to professionals can use it easily.

MOV Files Features

  • ۱۰۰ Animated Elements
  • ۱۰۸۰×۱۰۸۰ Resolution
  • Each one 3 sec (75 frame)
  • Quicktime PNG Alpha
  • ۲۵ FPS

List of Icons

Trophy, Book, Chalkboard, Note, GraduationCap, Serch, Scissors, Info Bubble, Chat, Medal, Lock, Briefcase, Satellite, Microscope, Chemical 1, Chemical 2, Printing, Building 1, Building 2, Building 3, Graph1, Graph2, Graph Monitor, Graph Whiteboard, Megaphone, Target, Folder, Files, Cabinet, Clipboard, Calender, Laptop, e-Mail, Gear Wheel, Telephone, Bulb, Crown, House, Coffee Machine, Coffee, Sofa, Vase, TV, Clock, Treasure Chest, Mobile Phone, Tree, Leader, Birthday Cap, Headphone, Burger, Drink Can, Cook, Umbrella, Fire Extinguisher, _Mike, Paper Plane, Pirate Skull, Traffic Light, Car, Forklift, Under Construction, Factory, Repair, Gas Station, Oil Container, Protection, Packing Box, Hospital Bed, Hospital, Castle, Balloon, Pumpkin, Grave, Magic Hat, Backpack, Hot-air Balloon, Telescope, Map, Dice, Casino Chips, Movie Slate, Rocket, Airplane, Sale, Cash Register, Coin Bank, Store, Shoes, Calculator, Strongbox, Shopping bag, Present, Download, Favorite, Take In, Take Out, Basket, Ilikeit, Globe


This Is Funk from OctoSound

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