Videohive Cinematic Color Presets 126388

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Videohive Cinematic Color Presets 126388

۵۱ high level cinematic color presets:

    • ۱۲ cinematic color presets based on famous films (Matrix, Godfather, 300, Amelie, Lost in Translation, Titanic, Mad Max, Sin City, Blade Runner, American Beauty, Grand Budapest Hotel)
    • ۵ “film genres” color presets
    • ۵ color presets from 30s, 50s-80s
    • ۵ romantic color presets for wedding and romantic videos
    • ۷ special presets
    • ۴ presets to fix dynamic range
    • ۵ vignette presets
    • ۸ “aspect ratio” crop presets
    • No plug-in is required.
    • ۱۰۰% editable presets.
    • They works with after effects cs4, cs5 and above.
    • ۱۰۰% resizable. They work with any resolution.
    • Music is not included, but if you like it you can purchase it from Audiojungle.
    • If you liked the footages, which were used in the preview, you can purchase them! Check out the portfolio of XnitroX!. All the other footages were used under creative commons licenses

Control the final result

    • Control the intensity of the color grading.
    • Sometimes the color of human’s skin becomes too yellow or blue. You can fix this issue using the Skin Effect Control. It increases the intensity of the red midtones.
    • If the final result is darker or lighter than you wanted, enable one of the dark/light effects. There are three levels for dark and three levels for light.

Dynamic Range Toolkit Preset

If your footage is too flat, drag and drop this preset on your footage, enable one of the effects, that are included and get a better result.

More info about the Color Presets:

    • They are not just overlays, but they react with your originals colors and they stay alive!
    • If you use the same preset on different footages, you will take unique results.
    • All presets are tested on different footages for better result.
    • Tips for best results with sin city preset are included. You can ask me any question you want via my profile.
    • Check out the FAQs (at the top) for more answers
    • Come back to check out for updates!

Suggest a Color Preset

    • Have you ever watched a film and you wanted that color grading to your own project? Suggest a color preset based on your famous film! How? Just send me a message through

my profile

    • .

How can I install them?

    • The animation presets that are installed with After Effects are in the Presets folder located in the Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files (Windows) or Applications/Adobe After Effects CS4 (Mac OS) folder. Animation presets that you create are saved by default in the Presets folder located in My Documents\Adobe\After Effects CS4 (Windows) or Documents/Adobe/After Effects CS4 (Mac OS).

You can add a single new animation preset or an entire folder of new animation presets to either of the Presets folders. So you just have to copy the cinematic presets folder and paste it in the Presets folder.

Video Tutorial is included too!

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